Chace Brhett Makena Bolosan

25 years old (1/14/93)

Born and raised on Maui


NPC Body Builder

Contest prep/fitness and nutrition lifestyle coach.

Employed by Delta Airlines and Andaz Maui(Hyatt)


Family will always come first to me. 

If there was one goal in the future that I’d want to achieve it would be to be the best Father and Husband in the world, their superhero.

I love to travel. Experience new cultures and see things that I’ve always dreamed of seeing. Also eat everything (during offseason of course haha)

I love to create challenges for myself, try new things And I love helping others.


Growing up, football was my life. My dad was a coach, older brother was an all star football player, so I was born into it. From being on the field at 5 years old as a water boy, I lived and breathed football. Working on my skills everyday; before school, weekends, extending practices, it definitely ran my life. Being recruited from high school coaches in intermediate, getting scouted in highschool for college scholarships, Captain of the football team from 12 years old every year till my senior year in highschool, I thought I had my future set for me. Then one day it all came crashing down. My senior year; spring ball, 1 month before my last year of playing ball till I supposed to be heading out to the mainland to pursue my life long dream, I fully tear my ACL. 

My life shattered from that moment. 

Lost all the scouts that were offering me scholarships, and I was devastated. 


It took me a while to get back on my feet, but what I found as my escape was the gym. The gym became my home, my sanctuary. After being in the best shape of my life, with the most muscle I ever had, one of my co workers at work told me “stop walking around like you Flex Lewis” . Never hearing of that name before, I googled him on my phone and I was in awe. “ I wanna look like this dude” said those exact words to myself and the rest was history.



Being an athlete and a competitor with my dream of competing on the Olympia stage will always be a goal of mine, but my number one passion is definitely through coaching and helping people transform mentally and physically towards their goals. 

It started off with just family asking for help after watching me transform myself. Then  coworkers started asking for help, who watched me eat my meal preps everyday, while there was pizza and donuts on the table. Then being asked my members of the gym I trained at, just because they admired the way I trained, how I looked, and how I carried myself in the gym. Client after client, transformation after transformation, diet by diet, through trial and error I’ve learned what it takes to transform someone, and what to look for to learn these things. And I love every single part of it. The gratification you receive from watching and guiding someone you care about to reach and surpass their goals is the most amazing feeling I can describe. 


So I’m familiar with a couple people from Proflexx. And I respect and like everyone on this team. But what really stood out to me was how this team carried themselves at this past bodybuilding show. Walking together like family, friendly welcoming people with laughs and smiles 24/7, just good good vibes whenever you see that Proflexx logo. And that’s the type of family I would want to be a part of. Everyone on this team carries themselves with gratitude, respect and selflessness. And I see those qualities in myself as key things I seek out in life. I believe I would fit right in, and building this Ohana even stronger 


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